Tuning in to Soundwriting
Edited by Kyle D. Stedman, Courtney S. Danforth, & Michael J. Faris

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ISBN: 978-1-7339598-3-4

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Tuning in to Soundwriting asks readers and listeners to tune in to five distinct areas of soundwriting that deserve the attention of rhetoric and writing scholars: soundscapes, accessibility, podcasts, sonic historiography, and the actual technical work of audio production. This edited collection's six born-digital chapters invite the audience to experience multimodal arguments that blend the written word with audio and images. Teachers, scholars, and makers of soundwriting can turn to this collection to ground themselves in key concepts that are fundamental to sonic rhetoric.

About the Editors

Kyle Stedman

Kyle D. Stedman (he/him) is an associate professor of English at Rockford University, where he directs the writing center and teaches first-year composition, professional communication, sonic rhetoric, and creative nonfiction. His audio production can be heard in Soundwriting Pedagogies, Composition Forum, Technoculture, Harlot, Memoir Magazine, and Currents in Electronic Literacy. In middle school, he edited the collections Hyper Tape I-IV, which were really just rad songs he taped from the radio.

Courtney S. Danforth (she/her) will always stop and listen to "My Sharona" when scanning the dial.

Michael Faris

Michael J. Faris (he/him) is an associate professor in the Technical Communication and Rhetoric program at Texas Tech University where, as assistant chair of the English Department, he coadministers the First-Year Writing Program. His work has appeared in College Composition and Communication, Kairos, Journal of Business and Technical Communication, and Composition Forum. He has fond memories of listening to Paul Harvey, the local Trading Post in southern Iowa, and Iowa State basketball games on the radio as a kid.


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