Tuning in to Soundwriting

The Bandwidth of Podcasting

by Eric Detweiler

4. Digital Drivetime

Digital Drivetime: Transcript

[aggressive rock drumbeat]

[electric guitar joins drums]

[guitar ends, and drums continue in the background]

Compressed Voiceover: Hey hey hey, this is Eric Detweiler, coming at you this morning with a quick update on traffic. We've got scattered showers across town right now, which is really slowing things down if you're headed in from the south side. We've also got a stalled tractor trailer in the westbound lane of North Street on the east side, so expect delays if you're coming in that way as well.

And, of course, remember that, if you're listening to our show as a podcast, all these traffic and weather updates probably don't apply anymore. You can find our podcast on iTunes, Stitcher, Podbean, SoundCloud, Overcast, and Podbay, as well as an old page we still have up on our website that looks like it was created in 2005 because, thanks to intern Randy, it was in fact created in 2005. You might also be able to find our podcast floating around on one of the many peer-to-peer file-sharing services and BitTorrent clients still out there on the internet, though of course we here at the station wouldn't know anything about that. You can also find archived versions of past episodes on my old blog as well as an external hard drive in my home office, although at that point it's not really a podcast since you'd be accessing the file without using any internet connection. It would also be breaking and entering, so please don't.

Also remember that if you're listening to the podcast, you won't be able to call in in a few minutes when I invite callers to do so because, well, we won't be live anymore. And that's a real shame, because when we come back from the break, I'll be talking with legendary prank caller and parody songwriter Leadville Dram Fort, who will be taking and making calls and performing a hilarious song about traffic cones.

All that and more, after these words from our last remaining sponsor.

[drums, joined by guitar lick and bassline, fade into foreground]

[music fades out]