Tuning in to Soundwriting

The Bandwidth of Podcasting

by Eric Detweiler

6. Who's There?9

9 The following audio piece is inspired by the work of Longmont Potion Castle (Vogt & Goldman, 2017).

Who's There?: Transcript

[phone rings twice]

[sound of receiver being picked up]

Speaker 1: [voice compressed as if via telephone] Hello?

Speaker 2: Hi, I'm calling for the podcast.

Speaker 1: What?

Speaker 2: Hi, I heard you have a podcast.

Speaker 1: Uh, I, uh think you have the wrong number.

Speaker 2: So you're saying you don't have any podcasts? [last word distorted with phaser and echo effects]

Speaker 1: I mean— [echo of "podcasts" interrupts speaker] Yes. I think everybody has a podcast at this point. But I wasn't expecting a call about it.

Speaker 2: But aren't we [voice grows muffled] inside the podcast right now?

Speaker 1: Who is this?

Speaker 2: It is the podcast calling. We are the podcast now. Podcasts all the way down. [sentence echoes for a few seconds, growing louder] Everything is being recorded. ["recorded" replays three times, accompanied by the sound of a record skipping]

Speaker 1: [frustrated] Wait, what's being recorded?

Speaker 2: We are. For the podcast.

[sound of phone hanging up]

Speaker 2: [whispering] For the podcast.