longer than an article, shorter than a book

Intermezzo is a series dedicated to publishing essays that are too long for journal publication but too short to be a monograph. Published by enculturation, the series asks writers to consider a variety of topics from within and without academia and also to be creative in doing so. Authors are encouraged to experiment with form, style, content, and approach in order to break down the barrier between the scholarly and the creative.


Jeff Rice, University of Kentucky

Associate Editors
Casey Boyle, University of Texas-Austin
Jim Brown, Rutgers University-Camden

Assistant Editors
Eric Detweiler, Middle Tennessee State University
Sergio C. Figueiredo, Kennesaw State University

Editorial Board
Eli C. Goldblatt, Temple University
Debra Hawhee, Pennsylvania State University
Byron Hawk, University of South Carolina
Cynthia Haynes, Clemson University
Christa Olson, University of Wisconsin
Paul Prior, University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign
Blake Scott, University of Central Florida
Scott Wible, University of Maryland


Intermezzo operates on rolling submissions. Submission are peer reviewed as they arrive, and there is no deadline. Published essays will be provocative, intelligent, and not bound to standards traditionally associated with many genres of academic writing. While essays may be academic regarding subject matter or audience, they are free to explore the nature of digital essay writing and the various logics associated with such writing - personal, associative, fragmentary, networked, non-linear, visual, and other rhetorical gestures not typically found in traditional, academic publishing. Essays may come from a variety of disciplinary backgrounds or may mix approaches. Please send all inquiries to Jeff Rice, j[dot]rice[at]uky[dot]edu