Table of Contents

Alexandra's kids wearing headphones

Introduction to Pixelating the Self: Digital Feminist Memoirs
By Alexandra Hidalgo

Girl with posters behind her in another time

Ch. 1

Sonic Memories: Stories from My Listening History
By Brooke Chambers

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Ch. 2

Working with Loss: An Academic Memoir About Evoking the Act of Memorializing
By Les Hutchinson

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Ch. 3

Alisdayhv: A Cherokee Foodways Memoir
By Jaquetta Shade-Johnson

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Ch. 4

Living Oklahoma: A Memoir About Trauma and Rebuilding in Academia
By Lauren Brentnell

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Ch. 5

Making Space for Myself While Making Space for My Students
By Shewonda Leger

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Ch. 6

Untangling a Beating Archive of Happiness: A Memoir
By Mirabeth Braude

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Ch. 7

Woman in Relation: On Sisterhood, Self, and Marriage
By Naomi Sweo

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Ch. 8

Hoygaygii waa halkee: A Nomad Seeking the Sensation of Home
By Suban Nur Cooley